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Our K-Cup coffee is roasted to order and hand packed. (K-Cups are 100% Compostable)

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About Sisu Coffee...

Why Specialty Grade?

Because.. It's better. Specialty Grade is coffee that scores above 80 points on a 100 point scale. Typically, Specialty Grade coffee is grown at high altitudes, with much care and attention from the farmer.

Sisu Coffee has never scored below an 84.

Why Roast to Order?

For maximum freshness & maximum flavor.

Our beans are not roasted until you place your order. Once roasted, by hand in small batches, they are shipped within 24 hours. For Free. Beans need a few days after roasting in order to secure the flavor. That's where the delivery time of 5-7 days actually benefits. Your beans arrive to you the freshest they can be with peak flavor. Our coffee doesn't sit on shelves and is always made fresh. That's our promise. That's the Sisu difference.

Coffee has it's maximum flavor anywhere from 5-30 days after the roast date. Whole Bean coffee stays fresh from 6-9 months, while ground coffee should be enjoyed within 3-5 months.

That's why our subscription model is best with 12oz bags. The perfect size to enjoy the freshest coffee in the right amount of time - a popular choice among our customers.